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3Open Labs is the first Open Innovation Lab in Halton Region developed in partnership with The Milton Education Village Innovation Centre (MEVIC)

The “3Open” brand supports a wider community of participants in a collaborative offering;

“Open Doors, Open Labs and Open Minds”

We bring customers, technology partners and startup savvy together through Open Innovation and collaboration services, providing an efficient market facing catalyst for new innovations.

By providing multiple sources of ideas and innovations, we bring a new level of efficiency and opportunity to all of Halton’s stakeholders. We do this by sourcing the latest research and talent from academia, startups and entrepreneurs and collaboration with our industry expertise and customers to develop new solutions and products.

Many Corporate customers are seeking to apply new technologies in a structured process where new business innovations can develop. By looking outside their organizations and introducing new Intellectual Property (IP), we provide them with a new, low risk option.

In working with our University partnerships, we leverage R+D and co-op student participation to help develop new products and services into this one integrated, customer driven process.

Partnering with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) as our industry specialists, we vet new products and provide due diligence (DD) on behalf of customers and venture capital firms for quicker adoption to market.

With our collaborative approach, customers get highly curated solutions and direct access to vetted innovations and technology companies through our startup and academic networks.

Startups also get the competitive advantage of vetting solutions through customer’s inputs, Proof of Concept (PoC) validation and fast experiments. We allow the startup’s capabilities to prevail over typical early stage product limitations.

Partnering with Ontario based Research Innovation and Commercialization Centres (RIC’s) provides us with a bilateral referral platform to ensure new IP has several options to market.

With our model we create new opportunities to venture with corporations and partner with VC and private equity firms to help solidify new IP and take it to market.

Our IoT Foundry Business Innovation Lab provides industry focus on IoT, AI and Blockchain based solutions as a subset of 3Open Labs services.