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Preparing for the future

includes community,

collaboration and actionable strategies.

Sharing successful strategies and implementations showing ROI and high adoption rates brings significant value to Companies of all sizes.

We bring experienced Innovators and Disruptive Technologies from across the globe to help de-risk innovation process and investment.

What we can help you achieve

CEO Clarity | Charting Change | Strategy Optioning | Technology Adoption

Target Audience
  • Medium Sized Businesses
  • Technology Partners
  • Industry Consultants
  • Research and Innovation Partners
  • Startup Innovators
Seminar Series
  • CEO 2025
  • Future with AI
  • Future with Robots
  • Industry Adoption Index
Disruption at Work
  • IoT in Smart Cities- Dubai
  • AI in Manufacturing -Germany
  • Robots in Manufacturing -Sweden
  • Autonomous Cars in Europe
  • AI in Marketing- Travel and Retail
Innovation Showcase
  • Case Studies
  • Business Model Reviews
  • Technology Transfer and Partnerships
  • IP and Innovation Portfolio models
  • IP as a Strategic Weapon

“The next machine age is here. Coexisting With Robots™ is no longer an option.”

— Aseem Prakash, NRC Live Robotization Event 2017, Netherlands