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Transformative Technologies

Industry Adoption Focus

Facilitation and Engagement Optioning for Corporate and Technology Partners

IoT, AI and Blockchain Solution Focus

More info on each category here.

IoT Security Strategy

IoT Security is a barrier to adoption. We have partnered with breakout IoT Security Technologies and Solutions Companies.

Med Tech

We are helping Med Tech IP flourish via Industry Partnerships across the globe. Join our Open Lab to develop your portfolio as a growth company.

IIoT Advanced Manufacturing

The IIoT Solution Showcase helps local developers and Technology Partners provide PoC options to Advanced Manufacturers.

Precision Agriculture

Join our Precision Agriculture Cluster if you have ideas, core technology or applications to bring. Platforms rule, so let's get acquainted.

Connected Car

The Connected Car IoT and AI space is on fire. We are working with core IP and Marketing Partners to build value forward ecosystems and applications.

Transportation & Logistics

Travel retail now puts the CX at the centre of value creation.Our platform partners are seeking new applications to integrate. IoT, AI, Retail analytics and VR/AR solutions needed.

Industry Advisory Team

Craig Stark

Founder 3Open Labs

Kevin David

Partner, Enterprise Innovation & Ventures

Robert Cook B.Sc.

Transportation Retail Consultant AI and IoT

Aseem Prakash, MBA

Future with AI and Robotics Consultant

Peter Wheeler P.Eng. MBA LLB

Precision Agriculture, Professor

Derrick Somers P.Eng. CPA,CMC,PMP

Industry 4.0 / Advanced Manufacturing Advisor

Shawn Crabtree

Senior IoT Architect

Eldon Sprickerhoff

Founder, eSentire IoT Security

John Dransfield P.Eng.

IoT Industry Advisor