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3Open Labs is kicking off our “Corporate Discovery Days” program this month. Based in our Open Lab facility located at MEVIC (Milton Innovation Centre) we will serve Halton Region based Enterprise and SME level organizations.

Discovery Days are designed to be the first step of engagement for business leaders to get acquainted with the Open Innovation Process. Many companies are seeking out options to provide for business challenges from fear of disruption to understanding platform business opportunities (new models and ecosystems for example) and aren’t sure where to start.

Rather than reacting to technology driven innovation, many are looking to Open Innovation to allow them to find new value through a process which can include new partners and technology driven models. Our goal is to table concerns and challenges from the business end rather than the technology end in support of finding and charting pathways to new “greenfield” opportunities.

We have many skills and resources assembled in a way that we can become adjacent team members aiding in optioning and providing agile services. For some companies, we will offer more specific services in the form of Collision Days where we introduce a blend of solution frameworks from technology companies and startup solutions in development.

The calculated risks provide specific Output Driven Innovations as “Customer Driven Innovations” where we can provide for System Architecture design and then hand off a Proof of Concept challenge to the best and most capable resources from across the Globe.

Our first group of companies are now being invited via this “Open Call” to participate. We are open to any type of business for the first Discovery Day and will form vertical industry groups as we move month to month. Our first focus is on those companies interested in “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) categories of interest.

Companies interested in joining our first Discovery Day session (TBA) please reply via this link on this site:

Corporate Discovery Day October 2017